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    333. English "The muslims will go in hell"


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    333. English "The muslims will go in hell"

    Message  Abbepages le Sam 2 Aoû - 8:19

    In the Koran chapter 3:55 we can read: "Allah says : Ô Jesus ! [...] I will raise those who followed you above the non-believers, until the Day of Resurrection . You will then return back to me [...] As for those who don't believe, I will punish them with a terrible punishment in this world and in the life to come."
    This text does not mention any other groups but Christians and non-believers. Muslims should therefore be counted among the non-believers, since they prefer not to follow Jesus alone, but Mahomet as well. Christians obviously never ceased to worship Jesus, even during the six centuries prior to the supposed birth of Mohamed.
    The Koran reflects here the teaching of Jesus who announced to Apostles and furthermore to all Christians their glorification at the resurrection day : “Truly I tell you, at the renewal of all things, when the Son of Man sits on his glorious throne, you who have followed me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel." (Mt 19.28), a teaching taken again by Paul : "Do you not know that we will judge angels? (1 Co6.3). But this koranic verse specifically reveals the Nazarene origins of Islam...
    The Nazarenes, in facts, would confess that Jesus is the messiah, yet while they continue practicing rabbinic judaism with its food taboos, circumcision, etc. (Ac 11.2 ; 15.5,11 ; Ga 2.4-5,12,14), which made them, as Koran says « The middle community » (Koran 2.143), which means a community at cross roads between Jews and Christians, without being one or another, And because the judeo-nazarenes do believe in Jesus, the Koran states that Jesus is born out of a virgin (Coran 66.12), but not Mohamed, that Jesus is the messiah (Koran 3.45 ; 4.171-172 ; 5.17,72,75 ; 9.30-31), but not Mohamed, that Jesus is sinless (Koran 19.9), but not Mohamed, that Jesus had performed miracles (Koran 3.49 ; 5.110), but not Mohamed, that Jesus is in heaven (Koran 4.158), but not Mohamed, that Jesus will return on Jugement day (Koran 4.159 ; Muslim n°5223), but Mohamed not...
    All these verses have in fact avoided the falsification of Nazarenes texts by the first caliphs who were busy trying to divinely establish their authority and to justify the monstrous acts committed in the name of a new religion, which has become Islam. This falsification is shown not only by Muslim tradition itself which mentions the laborious composition of the Koran by the caliphs, but also by the abrogated verses (2.106 ; 13.39 ; 16.101) and the desultory aspect of the koranic text. It has been revised so much that it does not have a meaning anymore, and it always skips from one thing to another, which shall, of course, be interpreted as the proof of the divine origin of the Koran...
    It is now a historically established fact: The Nazarenes, unlike Muslims, have never put their trust in Mohamed... But in Jesus, which is the reason why Allah says that he will save those who follow, not Mohamed, but Jesus... I shall add that the arrival -announced by some Islamic traditions- not of Jesus, but of the Mahdi expected on judgment day, is only one more mimic designed to hide -as it is already the case for the character of Mohamed- the central figure and the unique role of Jesus-Christ.
    To conclude, if Allah declares that Christians are above the non-believers until the resurrection day, then how can Muslims reject the Christian faith? And by refusing to become Christians, are they doing something else than brining eternal damnation upon themselves and heading straight to the hell Allah announced in their book?
    " He that has ears to hear, let him hear. "
    If people knew they are going to hell, they would have given their life to Christ !

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